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What is cross-border mediation?

For more than ten years the Mediation Bureau organizes and coordinates cross-border mediations in international child abduction cases, international contact cases and requests for relocation. ‘Cross-border’ means that one of the parents is living in another country or wants to relocate to another country.

In mediation, parents have the possibility to come to an arrangement about the child’s place of residence and/or to make arrangements about an international contact and care arrangement. In these arrangements the child’s best interest and a positive relationship with both parents are central. The mediation always takes place in a safe and neutral environment.

Every cross-border mediation session takes place under the supervision of two independent specialized cross-border mediators. The mediators are not the representatives of either parent, rather, they act as an impartial party. The mediators are a lawyer mediator and a mediator with a behaviorist background.