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What is the purpose of mediation?

Cross-border mediation is a voluntarily procedure which gives parents the possibility to come to an accord. Two specialized mediators assist the mediation. Both mediators will help parents in mapping out their disputes. The starting point is to find a solution that is in the best interest of the child and is acceptable to both parents.

One of the objectives of the mediation is to prevent a long legal battle. If a judicial procedure is already submitted by the court (in The Hague), the Mediation Bureau guarantees that the progress of the procedure will not be delayed or harmed.

If the cross-border mediation does not lead to the desired result, parents can choose for a judge to decide upon their dispute. Participation in mediation does not affect the possibility of parents to start or continue with a judicial procedure.

Research shows that agreements made during mediation are more accepted by parents. This is because parents have come to an accord themselves. Additionally, the future relationship between parents can be encouraged such that conflicts and potential trauma can be limited. Finally, mediation is usually cheaper and faster than alternatives.