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& cross-border mediation


Before the cross-border mediation commences, both parents are given information during a conversation with an employee of the Mediation Bureau. During this conversation, the employee explains all aspects of cross-border mediation and will ask what the parents would like to discuss during the mediation. Parents have the possibility to ask relevant questions during this conversation without committing to cross-border mediation.

If parents agree to proceed with the mediation, a mediation agreement must be signed. Subsequently, the Mediation Bureau will appoint two cross-border mediators. One of these mediators will start with an intake conversation by telephone in order to determine whether the case is suitable for mediation or not. After a positive review, the mediation takes place as soon as possible. The employee of the Mediation Bureau will arrange the location where the mediation takes place and has contact with both parents and their lawyers regarding the location and times of the scheduled sessions. Additionally, the Mediation Bureau is responsible for the completion of the cross-border mediation. The documents will be archived in line with a privacy protocol.