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The Center IKO

The International Child Abduction Center (Center IKO) is the legal expertise center in the field of (the prevention of) international child abduction. We provide free advice, guidance and information to parents and professionals. Besides this, we organize cross-border mediations through the Mediation Bureau. This is an independent department of the Center IKO.

Work method

The legal advisors of the Center IKO specialize in the legal aspects of international child abductions. They have extensive knowledge of international family law, in particular the Hague Child Abduction Convention and the European Regulation Brussels II-ter. The legal advisors provide advice and information about the legal possibilities a client has and help to find solutions for a client’s situation. They also offer guidance to parents.

Our legal advisors give advice by phone and e-mail. The legal advisor gives advice based on the information shared by the client. In order to give the most complete advice possible, it is our preference to discuss the situation over the phone. This way, the legal advisor can gather all the necessary information that is needed for an accurate advice. If the client shares incomplete or incorrect information, the advice may also be incomplete or incorrect. No rights can be derived from this. More information can be found in our disclaimer.


The Center IKO is an independent foundation, funded by the Ministry of Justice and Safety. The legal advisors work under the direction of the general manager Mr. C. Çörüz LL.M. The Supervisory Board oversees the proper implementation of the policy, the liquidity and the annual financial statements. The members of The Supervisory Board are:

  • C.P.J. Goedvolk LL.M.
  • Drs. D. Bakker 
  • F. Oglu

The members of the Supervisory Board are appointed for three years with a maximum term of nine years.


The Center IKO is established in 2006 as department of the Foundation The Ombudsman. In 2009 the Supervisory Board of the Foundation The Ombudsman decided to separate both organizations. From the 1st of July 2012 both organizations are fully independent.

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