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This page is for you. You are a child of two parents and one of your parents wants to move to another country with you. The other parent does not agree with this and you feel caught in the middle of their argument. 

For example: Luuk. Luuks dad is from Spain, his mother is Dutch. They live in Spain. When Luuk was 10 years old, his parents separated. It was a sad time. Luuks mother wants to go back to the Netherlands and she wants to take Luuk with her. Luuks father doesn’t agree. He wants to see his son every day. His parents argue about it.

And Luuk? Luuk doesn’t want to choose between his parents, he loves them both equally.


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My father/mother wants to move to another country with me
I have moved to another country and my father/mother does not want me to move
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