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Preventing a child abduction

Measures to reduce the risk of abduction

Do you suspect that the other parent wants to take your child abroad? There are measures you can take to reduce the risk of an international child abduction. Please contact us by phone to discuss your situation. We give you advice and information about the steps you can take.

Forms to create a file

When you experience a risk for a possible abduction, it is important that you can share as much information as possible about your child, the other parent and yourself with involved authorities when this becomes necessary. You can use this information to create a file. You can use the following forms:

Concrete indications for a child abduction

Do you have concrete indications that your child will be taken abroad by the other parent? When there is an imminent threat of an international child abduction, it is important to take immediate action. There are 3 steps to be taken:



Contact us

Step 1

Contact the Center IKO by phone for advice and information.

Step 2

Contact the police to inform them about the situation. 

Step 3

Contact a lawyer (attorney-at-law) with experience in international child abduction cases.