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Withdrawal from parental authority

Reporting a child abduction to the police

If the other parent takes your child to another country without your permission, there may be an international child abduction. This is a criminal offense under Dutch law, which is referred to as a withdrawal from the parental authority (article 279 of the Dutch Penal Code). When an international child abduction has occurred, it is possible to file a report with the police. 

Filing a report can have advantages and disadvantages. The aim of filing a report is the punishment of the other parent and not the return of your child. Therefore, please contact us first to be well informed about the possible consequences for your situation when you want to go to the police. Once you have filed a report with the police, you can no longer withdraw it yourself. That decision lies with the public prosecutor.

Suspicion of a child abduction

Do you suspect that the other parent wants to take your child to another country without your permission? Under Dutch law it is not possible to report a threatening situation. After all, no criminal offense has yet been committed. To prevent child abduction, you can make sure that the police is aware of your situation by notifying the police. They can make a note in their daily report. If a child abduction actually occurs, the police will already be notified about the situation and can respond quickly. In some cases there may already be an attempt or preparation for a withdrawal from parental authority. This can be punishable under Articles 45 and 46 of the Dutch Penal Code.

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